We take measurements from the computer model and use them to cut out the pieces from a big sheet of cardboard. These pieces are put together with glue. Archive boxes have prints and packaging ready for you to use for your business.

So we ensure that every package we make is as good as possible. Sometimes our packages get squashed by the machine, but we put band-aids on them to ensure they’re better. The point of these boxes is to make it easier to take out the things inside. It would be challenging to get everything out if you spilt everything.

Sometimes, when trying to use a little box of candy, it’s hard to get the candy out, and it falls into the box. Our containers are easy to open so that you can get to the candy more easily. These boxes come in a special way to be easy to carry.

They’re really useful if you need to move or ship something. Reusable boxes are an environmentally friendly choice because you can use them over and over again without wasting paper or new boxes.

We make boxes for things to go in, like accessories. People want those boxes so they can buy more from Custom Boxes Ltd. We used to make boxes that seemed eye-catchy and very pretty. Also, we make them out of high quality materials. We print them on high technology printers so that they look nice.

Overall, our custom Archive boxes are convenient and customization. Our packaging solution can enhance the user experience, reduce waste, and reflect your brand’s image. Whether selling facial tissues or granola bars, a custom Archive box can be valuable to your product line.

Professional Printing Technology

Custom Boxes Ltd. is the UK’s most trusted name for printing boxes. We have been serving our customers for years, creating products they love. We understand your business’s importance, which is why we are committed to producing bulk Archive boxes within a short time frame. We have years of experience and cutting edge printing equipment that allows us to produce these containers efficiently.

archive boxes
archive boxes

Our printing expertise:

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Laminations
  • Die-Cutting
  • Gold & Silver Printing

Custom Archive Boxes

We make cardboard packaging for different kinds of stuff. We offer cardboard boxes in many different sizes with your name or picture on them. Plus, We do printing and design on Archive boxes with your company’s logos on them. We have a team that designs the boxes, so if you like what they did, you can use it.

If you want your business to look professional, it’s good to use a Archive box. We have designers who will make the box look good for you. Brands sometimes want their printing and design on the side of their product packaging. This can be unclear, but we’ve got a team of people who can help you if you want your logo or some other design.

When you want to sell a product, it’s important to make it look good. We help by giving you boxes that are pretty to look at. We are here at custom boxes ltd to assist you from scratch. This way, we lead your brand to the next level. We assure you to spread word of mouth for your brand using professional tactics.

Why Should You Choose Custom Boxes Ltd?

We are one of the most experienced box suppliers in the United States and the UK. We provide printed products and design options so that you can have the best products based on your needs. We are an ideal company providing boxes in the UK and the US. We’re offering more types of boxes so that our clients can get a better deal.

We provide Archive boxes in a variety of materials. Further, they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of your product. These boxes let you market your brand with the help of attractive dispensers. However, we are happy to help you purchase these Archive boxes at cheap retail prices. We strive to make your experience with us as smooth and pleasurable as possible.


At Custom Boxes Ltd, we listen to the needs of businesses. We understand that you need to cut costs while maintaining your company’s brand identity and promoting your business effectively. That’s why we offer cheap printed Archive boxes and the many other available supply options.

We want you to get the best possible design to protect your products and make your store a success. Moreover, our free design service will give you the right Archive box for your products with no hassle. Once you confirm your design, we will ship the custom boxes right to your doorstep in no time.

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