Is It a Wise Investment to Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan

Apple is widely regarded as one of the best smartphone manufacturers that creates and sells high-quality premium products. The resale value of an iPhone is much higher than any other smartphone. The closest that comes to it is Samsung which is the direct competitor, or Apple. Many people buy an expensive iPhone like a used iPhone 12 Pro Max and then resale it because they know that in good condition, their phone can fetch a lot, but many people are wondering if it’s a good decision to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max as an investment.

In today’s articles, we’ll be going over all the factors that affect the resale value of the iPhone and whether it is wise to buy a New iPhone 14 Pro Max and then resell it. The topics which we’ll cover in this article are:

  • What things affect the price of an iPhone
  • Should you buy iPhone 14 Pro Max as an investment

Why don’t we start by going over the factors that affect the overall price of the iPhone?

What Things Affect the Price of an iPhone

As a person living in Pakistan, you might’ve noticed that the prices for all the iPhones are very high. When you buy an iPhone, even in used condition like a used iPhone 13 Pro Max, you’ll almost get the same price (or higher, depending on certain circumstances). You might be asking yourself, “Why is that?” Well, actually, there are a number of factors that are at play that can make the price of a used iPhone very high. These factors are:

  • Imported Product: Almost all of the smartphones that we use today are either assembled in Pakistan or are imported from other countries, and the iPhone falls in the latter category. That’s why the price of the iPhone is so much higher than that of others because these mobile phones need to be imported.
  • PTA Approval Tax: Speaking of taxes, one of the most widely known taxes that you see on an iPhone is the PTA tax. If you haven’t paid this tax, then only after a few months you won’t be able to use the phone to make calls or send texts via a sim. So, if you plan to a new iPhone 14 Pro Max, then you definitely have to get PTA approval because it’ll definitely affect the overall price.
  • Shortage of Device: Now, this factor not only affects iPhones but all of the products which are in high demand. If there are more buyers for a product than the company can provide, then there will be a shortage which will directly affect the price of the phone. A good example of this is when there was a ban on imported products in Pakistan. All of the products, even including the used iPhone prices, skyrocketed so much that you won’t believe it. This is because there was a shortage of iPhones in the market.
  • Dollar Rate: Another interesting thing that affects the overall price of the phone is the dollar rate because it keeps changing. If you’re a freelancer who deals with mostly foreign clients, then you know what I’m talking about. The price of USD keeps fluctuating in Pakistan, which directly impacts imported products. That’s why the price of the iPhone doesn’t remain constant, and you get two different prices on the same day.

Should You Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max as an Investment

buy iphone 14 pro max

Now you might’ve heard from your friends that “You should buy iPhone 14 Pro Max and then resale it because it’s a good investment,” and to some extent, it’s true. I personally know a few people (some of them friends) who bought expensive iPhones, like a used iPhone 12 Pro Max and then sold it for more than what they paid for.

However, I think that was a stroke of luck because, at that time, the import ban started to take effect, and the prices started to rise. That’s why they got more than they would have for a PTA-approved iPhone 12 Pro Max but don’t misunderstand me. I also believe that if your iPhone is in good condition, you’ll get a good price when you resale it. So if we come back to the 14 Pro Max, I think that it can be a good investment to buy a new iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan because, as far as I can see, the prices of the iPhone aren’t coming down.

If you plan on buying one, then I recommend that you check out Wise Market Pakistan because that’s where I bought my used iPhone 12 Pro. The phone was in such good condition that I swear that I could’ve mistaken it for a new one. Although it was dependent on the previous owner, Wise Market is still a great place to buy a used or new phone. Plus, I also got a pair of Apple AirPods Pro MagSafe which provided me with some of the best auditory experiences that I’ve ever experienced. So, check out Wise Market Pakistan today and get the best devices at unbelievable prices.

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