The first that every artist hear is where did you learn it, but what if you didn’t learn it from anywhere? There are hundreds of self-taught artists who draw and paint and amaze their audiences with their work. These self-taught artists are doing their best and maintaining their image by splashing the perfect colors on the canvas with the smoothest curves and elegant designs.

But how these self-taught artists can be successful?

The Point Of Training To Be An Artist

Several studies have shown that self-teaching can make it harder for artists to establish themselves. Art galleries look for the provenance of new artists which usually means where an artist has studied. And the graduates from the art school have a slightly smooth path to success as compared to the self-taught artists.

Art is a common subject with other learners for many talents in the art can lead to a second career path. To make the path easier, you should graduate from a reputable university.

How To Become A Self-Taught Artist?

Becoming a successful self-taught artist is simply the case of practicing the art professionally. This means creating works for commercial gain like selling the work through social media and websites, earning commissions, and exhibiting the galleries.

Right now, there are a few things that you cannot learn from the conform of your armchair. Art has become far more democratic. But there are some major drawbacks also. It can be hard to develop high-quality work without the reviews of your peer and expert critiques.

From the point of view of the gallery, it should be about the quality of your work the artists’ work must be considered over and above whether they went to art school.

Become A Successful Artist With These Tips

There are some of the best tips that can help you in becoming a successful self-taught artist.

Have A Website

Having a website is the biggest thing for the artist to showcase their art. You don’t have to take anyone’s permission or approval to upload your art on the website. It also helps you in selling your art pieces. And the audience can also reach you without any problem.

Joining The Artist’s Group

This is based on the medium or geography. It can provide support to the artist and you can also pool your efforts to promote the work, such as joint exhibitions with other artists or open studio events.

Be Loud On Social Media

You can display your work on social media. Instagram is best for this and helps the artist to display their work to a worldwide audience. There are a lot of opportunities for artists that are achievable through social media. There are a lot of artists who are popular in different countries and have a lot of fan following on their pages.

Create Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia page is considered as best when it comes to promoting artists or their art. You can have a page for yourself and describe your whole timeline, famous work, and more. For the artist, it is hard to know how to make a Wikipedia page for an artist. But you can take help from the writers. They are professional and can write the best profile for you on the platform. They take care of researching all the verifiable sources, writing, and publishing the page. if you want them to keep your professional updated then you can also ask for maintenance services.


So, it is no doubt a hard journey for a self-taught artist to be successful, but it is not impossible. You have to keep the passion and dedication high and you will be all good.

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