Mobile Phone Contract With A Landline Number: Overview And Instructions

Mobile Phone Contract With A Landline Number

Some providers do it for free, while others charge money: Not only does a landline number for a cell phone contract look cool, but it can also be useful. How To See Notifications On Ios 16 In this article, we explain why this is the case, who offers something similar, and how much it costs.

Before you get a cheap plan for your cell phone, you should think about whether or not you need a landline number. This is only included in certain rates, and you can only book it as an option with those rates. All three of the big network providers handle this issue in very different ways. For example, some contracts come with a landline number, while others have to book one separately, which costs more. We give an overall picture.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Phone Contract With A Landline Number?

This question can be answered quickly.Scarlet Android DownloadFirst, one user or the other might find a landline number more useful in some situations. As a freelancer or for your own business, for example, in a new employment contract or official correspondence. In these kinds of situations, a landline number just seems more serious.

The cost is an even stronger reason for us. You will also be listed as the owner of a landline number. The following is true: If a friend calls you on your landline number on your cell phone from his landline phone, the rate will be the same. With a flat-rate landline, he doesn’t have to pay anymore because he’s calling on a cell phone (with a contract). But with some providers, this only works in certain situations, so it’s worth reading on.

Vodafone, Telekom Or O2: Who Offers What?

As has already been said, the three largest network providers have very different approaches to this rather niche topic. This changes both how it is done and how much it costs. Here, you should think about whether it’s worth a few extra euros to pay for this option. If having a mobile phone contract with a landline number would really help you, you should think about it. If this isn’t the case, you might be able to save money.

Simple And Uncomplicated: Landline Number From O2

Except for the “o2 Free Starter Flex” tariff, if you sign up for an o2 free mobile phone tariff, you get a free landline number. The number will be given to you, and the area code will match the area where your contact information was given. If you live in Hamburg, for example, you will be given a landline number with the area code 040.

After that, anyone can call you anywhere at your new landline number. As long as you are in Germany, callers from Germany pay the same rates as they would with any other “normal” landline connection. The landline number can also be used to reach you abroad. There may be roaming fees, though.

The landline number is the only way to get in touch with you. That means you can’t use it to make phone calls. Unless you have turned this off, the person you call will always see your cell phone number on their screen. You can easily look at your phone numbers in the Mein-o2 app or on your cell phone bill if you have forgotten them or aren’t sure what they are.

Add A Landline Number To Telekom

The Telekom’s prices are usually a little bit higher than those of o2. This is also true for certain tariff options: Only the “Complete Comfort Business XXL” and “Complete Premium Business” plans come with a landline number. The magenta-colored network giant has a “landline number” option that costs 4.95 euros per month with all other plans. It might be a good idea to look at the tariff details again: Rarely is the option (temporarily) free after a few pricey fees.

Another problem with Telekom is that you can’t be reached anywhere in the country, only in your “home zone,” which is the same as a landline. The home zone is an area up to 2 kilometres around the contact address that was given. If you leave this blank, the tariff will automatically change to the fee matrix of the mobile phone tariff that has already been agreed upon.

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