Due to the constant (yet enjoyable) presence of mobile games alongside PC games, you have got more genres crowding the gaming world.

While some are leaving playing on the PC for mobile games, others started gaming on both devices and chose blogging or content creation.

You see, the gaming industry is in a booming state right now. I know that sentence you have just read sounds pretty common. But that’s probably the truest way to describe the real condition of games and gamers.

In the midst of all this, making your mind up to start your own gaming company is a worthy idea.

In Ireland, gaming companies are not an uncommon thing. You get from small to medium enterprises developing games, which are internationally available thanks to mobile app stores. They also make PC games that are simply ‘rocking’ it.

But the thing is, all these companies have a clear idea of the type of game they develop. Some chose to make simple platformer games or running games, while others went for making a heavier game such as a casual shooter.

Which one will you choose when you don’t want to go higher on a budget?

Get the Right Game Genre to Develop a Title That Will Rule!

I am not going to be intense in saying this, but you and your developers have the power to make something such as Metro Exodus,The Last of Us 2, or PUBG.

Yes, choosing a game is difficult. For this, take a look at your brand and what exactly you people are up to. Speak to your developers to learn their expertise and find their limitations. Also, check the capacity of your company in terms of technical setups.

Next comes the market data. You don’t need to make a replica of an already existing and famous game. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that the game needs to be playable. It has to keep gamers hooked to their devices.

Getting a common ground is a little difficult in this sense, particularly when looking for low-budget game development. However, if you try, you will understand how far you can go and how exactly you can make your game development journey unique for your customers.

In order to choose a legit loan in Ireland, you have probably searched many lenders and compared their services. You do this because you cannot come to the point of clarity unless you have known fresh information on what’s available at the point.

Do the same for gaming.

In order to track the best game for your brand, take a look at the kinds of games already existing.

The points written below will help you with that:

  • Casual Games
  • Card and Board Games
  • Mind Games
  • Runner Games
  • Platformer Games

Why don’t we know about these games a little more?

  • Casual Games

Did you know that casual games have the widest gamer base?

From a simple game like Candy Crush Saga to a little complex number game or a puzzle game, casual games are easy to develop and are also very device friendly,

Although you can design them for mobile devices in a basic sense, you can make them for PCs too.

  • Card and Board Games

Card games are internationally famous. Thanks to developers, now it has become even more appealing to many audiences.

Check out funbridge or bridgebaseonline, for example. You can play the card game (more of a trick-taking game categorised as mind games) Bridge with international players around the globe. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Or you can consider Microsoft Solitaire. The app now hosts tournaments. You get it again for PCs and for Mobile.

Like card games, you may choose to design board games too, such as Chess, Battleship, Monopoly, etc. You may choose to make a board game no other developer has made yet.

  • Mind Games

Mind games are basically games that put your mind at play.

For example, there are many games available where you need to find hidden objects in the game. Or you need to solve a mystery by minute observation.

These are fun to play (for gamers) and super-easy to make (for developers).

  • Runner and Racing Games

Who can forget Subway Surfer or Temple Run?

Nowadays, the same kinds of games are converted into car racing games too. You can see car racing not in the horizontal mode but in the vertical mode now.

Racing games or car simulators are also fine. But I would recommend coming up with a unique racing game idea so that it stands out from the rest.

But yes, some running and racing games might not have an end to them. So, remember to reward your runner/ racer.

  • Platformer Games

If you have a lower budget and are considering a quick cash loan in Ireland to make a simple yet effective game, then the platformer game (and all the other games mentioned) is for you.

The good thing about a platformer games is that, like running games, they come in a simple one-route movement. The controls are easy to make. And most interestingly, you can add a storyline and levels in this game, which sometimes is impossible to do with running games.

Some games of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers are basically platformer games. Now you get thousands of these games for both PC and Android too. Take Get Over It for PC and Blackmoor 2 for Android.


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