Bhrigu lake is located in the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. This is a very famous high altitude trek amongst the trekkers.  This lake is located at the altitude of 14,100 feet above the sea level. This trek comes in the Pir Panjal range and is 6kms from Gulaba village. The lake can be reached by trekking from Vashishth Temple. This is famous for its hot water springs and it is close to  Manali.

This lake is named after Maharshi Bhrigu. According to a legend, Maharshi Bhrigu used to meditate here. This Lake is considered sacred. As per locals here, this lake never completely freezes. It lies on many trek routes of different regions. Here are some highlights of Bhrigu Lake Trek that will make you pack your bags and head here!

  • Drive to Gulaba from Manali: A Drive from Gulaba to Manali is not something anyone wanna miss. It is full of mesmerizing nature that is enough to soothe one’s heart. Many times travellers don’t even want to blink so that they’ll not miss a single bit of this beauty.  It is a 2hour long journey that will definitely not leave the travellers bored and sleepy. The beauty of this journey lies in nature. During the first few minutes of this journey will give you a trip to the culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh. Later, as you cross the countryside,  you will pass by a bridge. Underneath the bridge, Beas River is flowing gracefully across the mountains. The rays reflecting the river’s surface, the bridge and many minute things in the surroundings leave the traveler speechless and indulged in the beauty of nature. As the river fades, you will enter Rohtang Pass. The fine roads in the Lush Green mountain give off biker vibes. 45 minutes into these heavenly roads, you’ll reach Gulaba. If you are lucky enough, you can even catch a sight of the famous “heavy duty” hosts called The Himalayan Vultures.
  • Walking in the Lush Green Trees

After a drive till Gulaba, the actual trek starts. The trails will take you in the woods. You’ll see a lot of Pine, Oak and Maple Trees on the way. Small bushes, undergrowths, vines covering the sides of trees. The sweet humming of bees and melodious chirping of birds will accompany you across the path. The paths covered with moss, Fogg and greenery make a person very close to nature.

  • Camps of Rola Kholi 

One Of the best experiences in Bhrigu Lake Trek is camping at Rola Kholi. This is located at an altitude of 3,810 meters, with a lots of beautiful views of nature. In the day, we get to observe the magnificence of the peaks like Seven Sisters, Solang Valley, Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Beas Kund Valley, and many more. We even get to enjoy a beautiful orange sunset in the entire valley that leaves the trekkers mesmerized. Later, in the night, trekkers get to enjoy a beautiful starry night in the valley. Watching the constellations in the purple night sky, sitting next to a bonfire and listening to music, seems perfect isn’t it? This is all that one gets to experience at Rola Kholi.

     4.The Bhrigu Lake

    After spending a whole day trekking, here comes the final.  destination, Bhrigu Lake. This lake is considered sacred as Maharshi Bhrigu used to meditate here. The locals here believe that divine beings come here to take baths and increase their powers. The people come here mostly for worshipping gods. So, removing your footwear is recommended while going near the Lake. According to the locals, the lake never completely freezes. The Lush Green and the hills around the Lake add up to its beauty. People come here to cleanse and destress themselves in nature’s company and feel calm. This literally acts as a therapy to cleanse minds, bodies and souls.

  1. The cattles and the horses

       As we saw that the lands are full of “Lush Green” forests and grasslands, it is obvious that cattles and horses come to fast on the grass. Horses, cows, dogs, and dogs run free here. They eat the grass, drink from the mountain stream and rest here peacefully. Having domestic and peaceful accompanying this trek adds to the picture of a perfect scenery. These animals are symbolic to a peaceful life and may motivate the travellers to be calm, mindful, peaceful and satisfied in their lives.

  1. The clouds

When we talk about going on high altitudes, it becomes obvious that the surroundings will be cloudy. This happens because we are at high altitude and the density increases. The clouds here are quite mischievous. When we start the trek from Gulaba, ample or no clouds can be seen around. But as we trek on high altitude, the clouds begin to be dense. Moss and Fogg are at a high rate at higher altitudes. Sometimes, it even becomes difficult to see the surroundings especially during the monsoons. So, it is advised to stay in groups. But, the true beauty is revealed when we get to see clear surroundings and find villages; this feels like literal magic as a picturesque image is revealed across the Fogg and clouds.

  1. The return

And finally, here comes the last part of the trek! That is going back to Gulaba. Bhrigu Lake Trek takes a maximum of 3 days to be completed. This falls under the easy category.  After trekking to high altitudes, it is time to come back. While coming back from Bhrigu Lake to Gulaba, we get to mesmerize ourselves again with the beauty of the surroundings. Have a last look at grasslands, forests, lake and say bye to all that you saw and enjoyed and descend back to where you started from. Maybe, while coming back you will have many memories and life lessons with you. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and head out to this amazing place called as Bhrigu Lake.

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