Console tables come in many different styles and shapes, but are most commonly neutral in colour and texture. Because of this, they are easy to style according to your own preferences. They are also lightweight, making them easy to move from one place to another. That makes them an excellent choice for almost any room in the house. And as long as you know the basic principles of decorating, you can use your console tables to great effect.

Decorate with a mirror


When it comes to choosing how to decorate with a console table, you will find that there are countless options. You can place framed art or a vase of fresh flowers on top of your table. You can even place a small wicker basket with towels on it. Remember, you don’t have to add a lamp to your console table! A pair of lamps can add symmetry and light.


You can also use a mirror to decorate your console table online. You should keep in mind that a console table is usually 30 inches high, so if you are hanging a large mirror over it, make sure that you hang the center of it at eye level. This will make it look great and serve a practical purpose. If you are using a large mirror over a small table, you may want to hang a larger piece of art over it.


Another option for decorating your console table is to place a photo of your family on it. Adding family pictures will create a positive energy. Alternatively, you can also place a wall mirror above the console table. A simple vase of flowers or a flower pot will work beautifully. If you don’t have any pictures of loved ones to hang on the console table, you can use a wall mirror instead.


Mirrors are a great accent to any room. Using them strategically over the console will add personality to the space and make it look bigger. Try using a mirror over a foyer console table for an elegant look. If you want something more modern and minimal, try leaning it against the wall. Just make sure to pay attention to the shape of the mirror! There are many different shapes to choose from. Ballard Designs recommends choosing a round or square mirror.

Display decorative pieces


You can use various items to create a different look on your console table. You can layer your decor by stacking similar-sized objects, such as candlesticks, to give it a unique look. You can even add a couple of oversized objects to give your table a more eclectic look. Using candles to light your decor creates movement and height. A few oversized objects can also be placed on top of one another.


Stacking books can be another way to balance out your decor on the console table. You can place them across the length of the table or stack them on the top of one another. You can choose art that reflects the place you’ve been or where you want to go. You can also use it as a way to display your favorite trinket or a beaded rope with tassel ends. This method of displaying decorative pieces will give the room a more interesting feel.


For art on a console table, use a focal piece that anchors the piece on the wall. To create a more cohesive vignette, make sure that the frame is narrower than the table’s width. If you don’t have a focal piece, use smaller pieces of art to accent focal points. Similarly, you can also use large paintings to create a unique look. The trick is to choose pieces that go with each other.


If you’re decorating a coastal space, you’ll want to incorporate light colors and natural elements. A whitewashed console table can look great with coral-themed framed prints and scenic beach paintings. The surface is also a great place to keep your keys and sunglasses. Using different styles of vases and other decor pieces is an easy way to make a vignette that reflects your aesthetic. You can also use decorative pieces to bring a cohesive feel to a room or transition from one room to another.

Store essentials


When you’re looking for extra space, a console table is a perfect solution. Whether you need to place a crock of soup or a glass of wine, console tables are great for holding essentials. These pieces are often overlooked, but their usefulness is largely underestimated. They can provide a functional yet stylish place to put your favorite items, and they also look great in any room. To find the perfect piece, start by doing a little research.


A console table is a space-efficient alternative to a traditional chest of drawers. It can be positioned in a small hallway and still offer ample storage space. A console table with shelves is ideal for storing family hats, gloves, and shoes. Its versatile design allows it to fit into a variety of rooms, from bedrooms to mudrooms. There are many styles to choose from, and each has its advantages.


If you’re unsure of what to put on your console table, consider getting a bench instead. Adding a bench under it is both functional and stylish. A bench is also a smart use of space underneath the stairway. A bench underneath a console table allows you to store items while it’s not in use. The angular mirror will draw attention to a stylish console. In addition to its usefulness, a bench under a console table is also a practical option.


A console table also allows you to make an impression on your guests. This piece of furniture can hold a number of items, including keys, wallets, and other essentials. They can even include a shoe rack, so you can use the space underneath to keep shoes. Many hallway console tables even have a shoe rack, which makes it ideal for storing your shoes. So whether you need to store books, CDs, or DVDs, a console table will be a versatile addition to your home.

Create a vignette


A simple yet beautiful way to accent your console table is to cluster several smaller objects and art in a row. Use varying heights for your accessories to emphasize details and make your design feel connected. A small book or decorative object on top of a larger one can bridge the gap. Each console table is unique, so it pays to find a way to make it your own. And, always remember to include a light source.


When styling a vignette, begin with a focal object. You may want to use a large vase, a lamp, or even stacked books to create an impactful display. Another good idea is to use layered artwork and tie it into your colour scheme. Incorporating different sizes and textures of objects will give the vignette more depth and charm. For best results, try to incorporate more than one type of console table.


When choosing a console table, think about the function it will have in the room. A sofa table can be a useful addition to a living room, but when it leans against a wall, it will become a focal point. Consider using console tables to showcase smaller decorative objects, such as art or figurines. These pieces can also act as pedestals for small objects. You can use color as a guiding principle when choosing your accessories and art for a vignette.


In addition to serving a functional purpose, console tables can be beautiful decorative pieces. Choose a style that echoes the legs of the table to avoid looking overly busy. Similarly, a picture frame can repeat the colour of the table’s material. Designer Adam Bray uses a console table as a place to display textiles, sculptures, and art on an easel. Incorporating both of these elements into a vignette can add to the appeal of the room.

Serve as a bar cart


A bar cart can be used as a nightstand, too. This furniture piece can easily be rolled behind the sofa and be stacked with bar stools. It can also serve as a buffet in the dining room. You can use it to store books and decor, and a table lamp for reading. You can also use it as a sofa table in a living room. The possibilities are endless.


If you’re entertaining, a bar cart is a great space to store your coffee supplies. It also doubles as a serving station for parties. You can set out your coffee, tea, or salad bars. You can also use it to store party favors and a guest book. A bar cart can even double as a photo prop table! It’s a versatile piece that is ideal for any home.


A bar cart can be used in any room of the home, but most people choose them in the living room or dining room. Choose a space where it will blend in with your current decor. Often, these pieces are placed next to a TV or console table. They are easy to move, and they can serve as extra storage space and surfaces. When choosing a bar cart, you should consider the features you need in a bar cart and how you’d like it to look like in the space.


If you’re looking for a stylish place to display your barware, a bar cart is the perfect choice. A bar cart with shelves can hold a cocktail shaker or a book, or even decor, like plants. A bar cart with a mirror on it can make a great focal point on a large wall. A framed mirror also complements the silver finish, giving it a very industrial style.

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