This is the first time that it’s been that the Atlantic Gondola has been in operation at Ski Cape Smokey.

Certain establishments around Ingonish, N.S., are seeing an increase in sales this winter due to the brand new Atlantic Gondola at Ski Cape Smokey.

It’s the first time that the ski slope is operating with its brand new Gondola and the new lodge and snow-making equipment. The additions have led to more people to the slopes and businesses located in the vicinity who have decided to remain open through the winter months.

The surrounding communities typically have a few open establishments throughout the year. Still, because the millions have been spent on the hills, some seasonal operators have managed to keep their doors open.

The well-known tourist attraction Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa has opened 40 rooms available during the winter months to the public for the first time in a long time. The decision was made to support Ski Cape Smokey and the community.

“We want to be supportive of them. They’re investing in the community, and we’d like to assist them by offering the opportunity to provide a space for guests who want to remain,” said Kevin Hurd, General Manager at Keltic Lodge. Keltic Lodge.

Hurd stated that the lodge is likely to be operational next winter.

“Something to build upon.”

“I am sure that this is something that we can develop for the community, the ski slope, and us, and I think it’s fantastic. Therefore, I hope so,” Hurd said.

Another business in the area that is leveraging the popularity in the form of Ski Cape Smokey is a new venture launched at Wreck Cove in July. It is known as Shoreline Adventure Centre.

Shoreline offers cottage rentals and outdoor activities such as mountain biking.

Owner Adam Shore said that since the Gondola was operating, people are making a point of going to the region.

“What I observed was busy parking spaces,” said Shore. “And when I went with my family and friends and other people on the Gondola, it was busy. In the past, brand new life has come to the hill.”

Expected busy times

Others, further away, have also benefited from the new Gondola.

“Oh boy, oh boy! It’s going to be too busy. It’s true. It’s likely to be packed,” said Brian Lyons, the owner of Highlands Hostel in Cape North.

Lyons stated that he could discern from the speed of traffic and the number of people staying in his hostel that the area would be even more crowded next year.

“It’s expected to become very busy in the summertime. It’s going to be very busy in winter. It’s likely to be busy in the autumn,” he said.

Ski Cape Smokey is open all week long, and operators expect to remain open until the end of April.

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