Madeline DeCorso began as a business analyst for a corporate in downtown Toronto, but she has since switched to acting.

A career in corporate business in downtown Toronto is a gratifying job.

If Madeline DeCorso was spending her working on data, she admitted she was far from satisfied. She turned her outlook on life and decided to go after acting.

After being fired from her position working as the learning coordinator for BrainStation at the start of the pandemic, she moved back to Guelph to reside at home with her family. After three weeks of sitting on the couch, watching TV, she decided to explore acting when a lightbulb lit up her head.

She was always interested in acting and was a huge fan of the drama classes in high school.

To get started in acting, she started as an actress in the background. Her first job was on stage for The Boys, one of her favorite shows.

She also appeared on Nightmare Alley as a background actor: “At one point, I was only a foot distance from Bradley Cooper, Toni Collette, and Rooney Mara being given direction by Guillermo del Toro,” said DeCorso.

“I am always trying to pay attention to what directors are saying to them, such as the relationship between director and actor.”

When she was a business student studying at the Guelph University of Guelph, she said she was a fan of her classes and was very active in students at the business school. She wasn’t sure what field of business she would like to pursue after graduating. The first position was as a Business Analyst at the Bank of Montreal.

“I felt like a failure as I was a picture of myself in university as a businesswoman dressed in a suit, located in downtown Toronto core. Then when it was over, I felt unfocused and didn’t know what I stood for as a person,” she told me.

She also said that at the same time, she felt relieved that she wasn’t required to enter a workplace atmosphere where she felt she was unsure of what she was doing, and she didn’t feel pressured.

“The network skills I acquired while at university at Guelph have helped immensely,” said DeCorso. “That is a trait that has been a part of my acting, particularly during the outbreak, where everything was online, and I had to depend on networking skills.”

There are a lot of tasks that go on behind the scenes before getting an audition, she explained, from headshots to training demo reels and even finding an agent.

“I think that the entire public is the one to decide. Family and your friends suddenly can influence your work, but in other occupations don’t as often,” she said. “That’s an extremely scary thing, to show vulnerability to hundreds of people.”

DeCorso explained that acting classes are an excellent way to process emotions and confront previous experiences. It almost seems like a kind of therapy.

“A majority of us turn at entertainment each evening to escape reality. I’m sure I do. I do lots of television,” she said.

“The notion that I could help someone who’s been through a very stressful workday and wants to unwind or have fun. I can contribute to the experience of that person is what keeps me going in this journey.”

In the future, for the acting profession, DeCorso stated that she would like to join an ensemble cast and also work on a period drama such as Bridgerton.

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