It’s a happy St. Patrick’s Day. Netflix tests a clampdown against password sharing. We also looked at the amount Facebook is paying its employees.

  1. Netflix is set to crack down on sharing passwords. The streaming company will shortly start a test that aims to prevent users from sharing passwords with anyone outside their household, Variety first reported.

Sharing passwords is a well-established practice in which subscription streaming is banned, but Netflix has not done much to enforce the rules over the past. Last year Netflix tested the users of accounts belonging to individuals outside of their homes. The quick read, “If you do not live with the account’s owner, you must have an account on your own to continue watching. “Now it’s a trial which is currently being tested in three countries Netflix will require that main account owner pay an additional fee for users who are not in their family. Netflix will then decide whether to introduce it to other countries as well.

  1. Take note of delays that could impact your Amazon orders. The trade association leader stated that China’s recent COVID-19 locking down could affect Amazon or Walmart orders, but an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that they don’t anticipate “a major disruption.” Find out more here.
  2. The founder of Glossier, Emily Weiss’ tech dreams, has sunk the beauty brand’s millennial appeal. Seventeen former employees claim that beneath the brand’s success was a turbulent and unstable workplace governed by a chief executive obsessed with transforming the beauty brand into a tech-focused firm triggered internal tensions. What transpired at Glossier.
  3. A Google executive apologized to his staff for tweeting about the advantages of selling and buying individuals. “The connection to slave trading, which ought to have been obvious to me, simply weren’t,” Urs Hlzle wrote in an apology memo, and not long after, Googlers came up with a variety of memes that mocked the tweet. Check out some of the memes below.
  4. Venture capitalists named 19 emerging-star cryptocurrency venture capitalists. The VCs chosen by venture capitalists from different groups invest in crypto-related companies that will transform entertainment, finance, and even work. With positions at companies like Andreessen Horowitz and Blockchain Capital, These VCs lead the field.
  5. Insider’s correspondent went through the controversial Meta VR exhibit and concluded that the exhibit wasn’t as popular. It’s called “Surviving 9/11 27 Hours in the Rubble,” the exhibit is accused of profiting from the 9/11 tragedy and making it into an online game. While the writer wasn’t able to think it was tasteless, it certainly made his stomach turn. Find out what the experience was like.
  6. What’s the amount Facebook paying its employees? We looked at a full year’s worth of salary data to determine how much the tech giant pays its product managers, engineers, researchers, product managers, and many other employees, most of whom earn at minimum six figures. Here’s what Facebook employees earn.
  7. Elon Musk changed his initials to “Elona” via Twitter. Elon Musk changed his name to “Elona” on Twitter. Tesla chief executive’s name switch came after Chechen rebel Ramzan Kadyrov referred to him as “gentle Elona” in a tweet. Check out the latest fight with Musk with Vladimir Putin’s allies.9. Meet BMW’s sporty, a new electric vehicle called the M50 i4. In addition to its electric drive, the i4 appears and operates like a conventional gas-powered BMW 4 Series but has subtle differences from its predecessor. The reason it’s a good option for those who are just beginning to explore electric vehicles.
  8. Chipotle is currently testing Chippy, the robot that produces tortilla chips. The brand new tortilla chip-making robot deliberately creates chips with imperfections to taste as if a person created them (because who doesn’t like finding chips that have a little more salt?). Take a look at Chippy Chippy, the robot that makes tortilla chips.
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