In recent years, politics has been weakened and is being threatened by various imperatives and factors that have a political repercussion: the generalized decline of political parties and classes corruption, neopopulism, anti-politics. Cultural and social such as distrust, depoliticization and various fundamentalisms; of an economic nature, poverty, higher social exclusion, and political cartelization, among other factors. The biggest threat to democracy lies in the present emptiness and lack of quality programmes and content and the consequent inability to support it, resulting in a public rejection.

The abolition or withdrawal of politics, the shift into the private world, the emergence of the self-centred culture, the dissociation of citizens from their communities, and the growing influence of individualism in their thoughts and actions seem to be an ongoing issues in the present. In short, the sudden separation of the public from the political arena is a matter that impact and define the political horizon as well as democracy in both instances and projects that must be evaluated when confronted with excesses or alternative forms of an authoritarian kind which, like never before, could threaten democracy in the current era of a pandemic, as well as nuclear and military escalations of nuclear and military escalation in Ukraine from Putin’s Russia.

Jean-Paul Fitoussi and Pierre Rosanvallon, thinking about the present European situation and the new ways of inequalities and inequality that define the political environment, have brought out appropriately that there is a great mood to call out the terrible misery of the political system. A variety of factors contribute to this outlook. However, do not be a fool in your assessment, they say. The role of the politician is never more essential in our modern society. Suppose the purpose of politics is to ‘put into the shape’ and give the society a sense of purpose and give meaning to society. In that case, it’s never been more crucial than now, in the midst of uncertainty and discouragement. When the old method of organizing social bonds is deteriorating and separating, we must revert to this fundamental purpose that the political plays.

Everywhere we look, and we are all aware of circumstances that from any viewpoints represent the threat and challenge to politicians today, in the current climate (post-Covid-19) in particular due to the ways they affect the citizens as well within the society. The threats do not originate within the political system but also as it becomes devalued. Becomes less effective and no longer associated with service or as a collective undertaking, leading to divisions and divorces between citizens, as well as other issues that define our current time.

On the other hand, we’d face a range of international threats, which includes the rise of terrorism, new inequality and the rise of new religious movements that have a major threat of xenophobia and fundamentalism, as well as the development of new weapons for mass destruction insecurity, poverty and return to the global scene of the separatist and belligerent nationalist movements, and in the latter half in 2022. transformation of the global pandemic Covid-19, Covid-19 that results in damage and adverse consequences across a range of orders. A few other issues can overtake democratic politics and put the system in a poorly favourable position.

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