This is focused on the necessity of an integrated database or platform that includes all details about every customer’s interactions with the company.

How Actionable Insights Will Fuel Customer Experience 2.0

In the flurry of digital commerce, companies have deployed numerous technologies, each focusing on a particular aspect of Customer Experience (CX)–and each with their data silo. The resultant fragmented and unorganized customer data is the opposite of the Customer Experience 2.0.

Organizations trying to be successful are discovering they require one data source called “customer truth” to support individualization, seamless customer journeys, the delivery of content, omnichannel interactions, and analytics that provide information. In addition, they must meet the new and significant privacy and authorization tracking requirements coming from the regulatory agencies. These factors are making CIOs, business leaders and marketers realize they require one unified Customer Data Platform (CDP).

The Mandate to Change

Today’s consumers expect a different experience than what was expected just one year ago. Any brand hoping to keep or draw them in has to change their CX to meet the abovementioned requirements while still respecting their privacy and consent requirements. This can only be achieved through a CDP that continuously informs all interactions across channels to ensure they are organized in general and considerate of each individual.

Siloed marketing technology can be an issue for the entire enterprise. Other operational departments and teams wish to use the data gathered by marketing, too, as they need to comply with compliance regulations, compliance requirements, and customer expectations for trust. Also, the security of data from customers is crucial as the data needs to be treated as the valuable asset it is. This is difficult in the case of siloed data, and when it’s all over the place, there is no way to manage it or protect it.

CDP Is the Way Forward

The most effective approach is to create a unifying reliable technology stack that gathers information intelligently, resolves it to people, and helps to flow that profile information throughout the company. Based on an open standardized, extensible, and standardized user data structure, the stack eases compliance, decreases the risk of misuse, allows for efficient data ingestion, and supports the development of new consent models and dynamic segmentation. The structure and uniformity of the platform allow for the efficient application of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods that can offer powerful insights and assist real-time processes. Relevant customer context is guaranteed because personalized interactions across the period are feasible.

Suppose an organization implements a CDP that has an expandable, flexible real-time, customer-centric model of data that provides the basis for businesses to provide the latest experiences and leverage an unshakeable source of crucial data. Companies that use this kind of technology are the ones that will prevail in the highly competitive market of today. If they don’t, they’ll be overwhelmed by the constant effort to connect disparate data, with the possibility of meeting the requirements for compliance and delivering a quality experience that customers can trust.

The result is that the CDP will hold the same impact on the business as the ERP system. It is the only method to have a clear view of potential customers, and prospective customers have one source of information about them. This crucial topic will be an important focus of the forthcoming Adobe Summit. For more details about the CDP and its role in supporting Customer Experience 2.0, Please visit this page on the Adobe website.

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