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For the past two years, the leaders have been confronted with one challenge after another. In the last two years, pandemics have affected almost every aspect of a business’s life, from supply chain and staffing up to online learning and the work-life balance. When it seems like things are getting settled into a new routine, unexpected stressors have popped up and disrupted the routine.

Our most recent Capital One Business study shows that for business owners, the disruptions lead to fluctuating performance of the business and have contributed to the high level of stress. This is in line with my discussions with owners of businesses. The epidemic has taken its toll on the community, which has impacted work-life balance and businesses owners who are burnt out. As a leader and in my experience dealing with owners of businesses, I am aware of the danger that burnout poses to team morale and the ability of an owner to manage their businesses.

I understand the business owner and understand how difficult it is to take a break from work, particularly when your company’s very existence is at stake. Dana Young, head of partnerships and communications for The Baconer and one of the small-business owners with whom my team frequently interacts to keep our fingers at the heart of the small-business community, shared a story that struck me as a powerful message. She shared how her resilient team relies on recharge to get through tough times and how those occasions to vent with each other or laugh and celebrate victories are essential.

I can’t say enough! I’ve discovered through my personal experience that taking steps to create a schedule that allows for balance between life and work can be a huge boost to your wellbeingwellbeingwellbeing as well as make you an effective leader for your team.

Self-Care Is Key

A study has shown that mental and rest are closely linked. In reality, one of the most crucial things you can do to combat the effects of burnout is to practice self-care, particularly when running an enterprise. Simple routines will help. Many business owners feel they’re not able to have a good evening’s sleep or time off to concentrate on their own needs. Businesses face an endless list of problems every day, and the problems keep them awake at night, and they are prone to exhaustion.

A good way to begin is to establish small daily goals. Create a routine that cuts out time to be away from work. Making time to be mindful will help set your day successful and allow for a more relaxed evening. In the last year, one of my customers, a woman with a small-business owner, committed to begin her day with five to ten minutes of meditation. She has noticed improvements in her overall health. I committed to block out time for transition in my calendar between meetings and to practice “short meetings” with my team members to take short break times throughout the day. I also set my phone down about an hour before I go to bed. The routine I have followed at night is a big factor in better sleeping.

Making small changes every day can significantly impact your wellbeingwellbeingwellbeing and allow business owners to return to work every day refreshed and ready for new issues.

The Importance Of Disconnecting

Our latest survey revealed that business owners who have been able to make time for their personal lives, however, could not get more than a few days off in the last two years. The few who can get away can check in on their work in the time.

It’s been proven that removing yourself from work is good for your overall wellbeingwellbeingwellbeing. As I’m sure many have been through, vacation or private time isn’t exactly relaxing if you’re thinking about work. I’ve learned from my professional life that you can’t provide for your colleagues if you’re not the first to be there for yourself. Therefore, it is crucial that when you unwind–whether that’s taking an entire full day (or even a couple of hours!) away, participating in physical or mindful activities, or spending time with your loved ones–you take it on as strongly as your work. Your work will be done at the time we come back.

Optimism Is On The Rise

There’s hope! that we found that business owners are positive when they look ahead to 2022, despite concerns about the ongoing effects of the pandemic on their business. This is a testimony to the long-lasting resilience of small-business owners. Indeed, business owners are setting resolutions for their businesses for 2022 and feeling more motivated to expand their business now than they were before the epidemic. Many respondents are committed to investing in their culture and focusing on work-life balance for employees. This is very encouraging!

The Power Of A Network

It requires an entire village. Even with a sense of optimism and determination to grow their businesses, many entrepreneurs will require external assistance and resources to enhance and sustain a balanced work-life year.

This could be an opportunity to increase the sharing of knowledge among the business owners’ community. It is a strength to be in numbers. Networking together with business leaders, solving problems with each other and sharing the lessons learned during the process can help create a great network of assistance. In these times of uncertainty making and identifying connections is vital for our health and wellbeingwellbeingwellbeing.

The pandemic has caused problems and disruption for business owners. I believe that the owners of businesses are better equipped to face the coming year’s challenges. I agree with the optimism and am with small-business owners in their dedication to balancing work and family and prioritizing self-care.

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